May 2016

Our very first Business of Coaching workshop is held in our new classroom at APCTC HQ. There we test the water for our new membership levels, and share some exclusive coaching business strategy training with some of our longest-serving members! It goes down an absolute storm, and we immediately set the date for the next one!

March 2016

The very first Coaching Class takes place, a fully interactive members-service hosted by Miles (our Head of Coaching) and our Head of Content (Raven), to help the APCTC community with both their coaching skills, and their coaching businesses.

January 2016

New year… new us! Some pretty major overhauls see an expansion of the crew, with a brand new leader, affectionately known as the APCTC Skipper (Ad), and a Head of Coaching (Miles) in a brand new role. This marks a new age for the APCTC, a more hands-on and personable approach with one-to-one coaching, training and mentoring for our lucky members!

December 2015

We retire our (somewhat legendary!) Coaches Code offer, and replace it with something brand new: Seminar Success Secrets! The Members’ Area gets a nifty new dashboard-style makeover too!



September 2015

With the success of the first Expert Success Summit, we simply had to do it again. Only this time, we went even bigger! This time around we welcomed Shaa Wasmund, Paul O’Mahoney and Chris Ducker to our line-up of experts, along with a few old favourites!


June 2015

The first Expert Success Summit is held in London, and is the most successful APCTC event yet! Hosted by our Chief Educator Matt Kimberley, the guest speakers on the the three-day, workshop style seminar included: Lucy Whittington, Andy Harrington, Simon Coulson and Raymond Aaron, with support from Tony and Nicki Vee, Nick James and Dan Bradbury.


April 2015

The first Monday Morning Mentoring Call with Master Coaches Tony and Nicki Vee takes place - and its fantastic response means it is quickly turned into a fortnightly event exclusive for APCTC members. Tony and Nicki are made the in-house mentors and join the family.


March 2015

(Part 2)

The 4th Awards Ceremony takes place in Bloomsbury in London - and is twice the size of the last. Bring on 2016!

March 2015 

(Part 1)

A new addition to the family! Copywriter and digital content manager Raven Brookes is established as the Queen of Content - handling all the regular and irregular content for members and non-members alike.



February 2015

Nominations, shortlisting and voting for the biggest APCTC Awards ceremony  yet takes place with a record response.

January 2015

Added world class insurance, tailored for the coaching industry, in conjunction with  Kensington Insurance Brokers & HCC International - offering impartial insurance advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


  • Timeline
    The APCTC started up in 2012 and we’ve been on an epic journey ever since. Since the beginning we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs and to deliver an exceptional platform for our community and members - Chris Black APCTC Chairman

October 2014

Andy Harrington - the world’s leading public speaking expert - releases his video training D.A.N.A.M.I.C Coaching to the members of the APCTC.

September 2014

The Book Yourself Solid workshop with the inimitable Matthew Kimberley is launched.

June 2014

The second Super Conference takes place at London’s Heathrow.

May 2014

As membership increases the wonderful Jo Galloway is brought on as the Head of Customer Happiness and Membership Services in order to ensure all members’ experiences are as positive as they can be.

March 2014

The next APCTC awards are hosted in London and are twice the size of the first.

December 2013

The first non-member training content is launched, in the form of a regular podcast.

November 2013

The 1000 member milestone is smashed!

October 2013

The first annual conference The APCTC Super Conference takes place, featuring expert guest speakers from across the industry. It goes down so well, it is quickly made into an annual event.

July 2013

The first premium product ‘The Coaches Code’ is launched as an exclusive product of the APCTC.

May 2013

With an overwhelming surge in membership, the APCTC Grant Scheme is launched, with the aim to enable coaches, consultants and trainers the means to develop their businesses in an affordable manner.

March 2013

The first Annual APCTC Awards takes place - technically the second awards ceremony after the ‘pilot’ in 2012.

February 2013

Enter… the Chairman! With a wealth of experience in several business backgrounds - including international finance and life coaching, family man Chris joins the APCTC in the wake of Dan’s injury and takes the reigns.

tragedy strikes

In July 2012 - while competing in the Iron Man triathlon - Dan is involved in an accident which leaves him with a brain injury. Thankfully he later goes on to make a full recovery and is now back to his usual self 

May 2012

Dan Bradbury - life coach extraordinaire and business and marketing expert - launched his brainchild: the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants, with a vision of bringing together the professional members of the industry in order to grow together in mutual support. He dubbed it with the very catchy acronym: APCTC.

The APCTC is Born

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