Industry Experts - Andy Harrington and Dan Bradbury will show you step-by-step how to become the next 7 figure Expert in your niche for 2015.




You've bounced around the internet and seminars long enough trying to learn how to build a real business coaching and training others to achieve their potential. Now is the time to learn step-by-step how the Experts built their businesses; you can do exactly the same thing, you can start from scratch and you can start right now. This can be part of YOUR STORY:

  • Best-selling books and information products
  • High paying speaking gigs and super lucrative seminars
  • Big-time coaching clients and recurring online income
  • Millions of people impacted by YOUR STORY and YOUR STRATEGIES for success in any field
The 7 Figure Expert Online Training Series will teach you how to achieve all this and more. This is the only comprehensive training product in the world that teaches you how to build an empire as an author, speaker, seminar leader, trainer and life and business coach. Just watch the video's learn from the examples and follow the system.

You can become the next guru and transformational teacher in your field. You can do this. The world needs you. It's your time to be the Expert.


  • Chris Matthews - Silverlink Clinics (as featured on ITV1)
    Since going through this system I have taken my coaching business from Zero to £40,000 per month in just 365 days
    Chris Matthews - Silverlink Clinics (as featured on ITV1)

About the creator of the seven figure expert...


Anapctcdy Harrington

7 figure Expert Andy Harrington shares the stage with leaders such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins & Sir Alan Sugar. Andy’s passion is in raising peoples earning potential by breaking them out of the limited mindset of how much they think they are worth. His Experts Academy has improved the quality of lives of thousands of people around the world and is a must for anyone serious about realising their potential. The UK's number one 7 figure expert! 




Dan Bradbury

7 Figure Expert Dan Bradbury is the UK's leading go-to-consultant in both the personal development and seminar industries. With many of the biggest names in the 'Expert' business on his private client list no-one know’s more about the inner workings and psychology of the ‘7 figure Expert’ industry than Dan Bradbury. (Plus he runs his own multiple million Expert business)


Here's exactly what you'll get inside the '7 Figure Expert' Online Training Series...


Step-by-step walk-you-by-the-hand easy to follow 22 part modulated video training presented by Andy Harrington & Dan Bradbury

  • Series 1 to 3: The7 figure manifesto and foundation strategy for 2014
  • Series 3 to 5: The 7 figure expert system used by the top 6%ers
  • Series 6: The Expert Conversion, going from 60k to 1 million
  • Series 7: The Million Pound Formula to Video Marketing
  • Series 8 to 9: The proven formula for a 7 figure business speaking and selling from the stage (not the internet)
  • Series 10 & 11: The only strategy to fill your seminars and workshops every time, effortlessly
  • Series 12: The formula for becoming an Amazon best seller
  • Series 13: 7 figure book Marketing
  • Series 14 & 15: Creating a lucrative 7 figure income with group coaching, mentoring and mastermind programmes
  • Series 16 & 17: The proven formula to product creation and 7 figure product sales
  • Series: 18 & 19: Online Marketing for Experts and Internet Marketing Mechanics
  • Series 20: Real life 7 Figure Product Launch Sequences to model into your own business
  • Series 21: 7 Figure Social Media tactics and strategy
  • Series 22: Creating your 7 figure blueprint and action plan
  • I implemented the seminar strategies to fill my first workshop and made £12,100. I had previously failed miserably to get anyone to a workshop let alone sell anything. I recommend both this pragram and the APCTC to anyone
    Christine Harley - CTC Holistic Training

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